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backflow test device

Backflow Testing at Ledoux Backflow Testing Services

LeDoux Backflow Testing Services of Sacramento, CA, has the credentials, experience, and expertise to test your backflow assembly and ensure compliance with applicable California and Nevada requirements.

California Department of Health Services Title 17 Section 7065 requires annual testing of backflow assemblies. This requirement helps ensure that your assembly is functioning properly.

LeDoux Backflow Testing Services will inspect your assembly for wear, damage, and potential failure and, upon completion we will certifiy the bacfkflow assembly in compliance with the requirements of the State of California and your local water & health departments. Lastly, will inform your local water purveyor and/or health agency of the results.

backflow test installation

Get a Comprehensive Analysis and Quote

If any issues are identified, LeDoux Backflow Testing Services will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and quote. We will repair your assembly, restoring it to proper working order as quickly as possible. When you work with us, you can expect minimal downtime and exceptional service.

We perform all phases of backflow-related work, including inspection, testing, repair, installation, and security/theft prevention, and we offer a wide variety of plumbing-related services.

LeDoux Backflow Testing Services has been working with backflow assemblies in the Greater Sacramento Area since 1999. We understand the importance of quick, reliable testing.

To schedule a test, inspection or repair please call us today at 916-826-8202.

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