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Sacramento’s Leader in Backflow Services

Backflow devices are designed to maintain water quality by keeping pollutants and contaminants from entering the drinking and public potable water supply. LeDoux Backflow Services of Sacramento is a superior provider for all our customers that need to comply with the annual testing of backflow devices required by CA state law. We reduce your liability by making sure your device is working properly.

Our company’s expertise is focused on one area alone, backflow testing, repair, and installation, coupled with our expertise in backflow related plumbing services. Regional property managers, contractors, construction companies, commercial building owners, HOA’s and private individuals have been the foundation of our business for nearly 20 years.

Whether a complete, new installation or a minor repair, LeDoux Backflow Services safely and professionally performs backflow services and associated plumbing with the least amount of downtime for our clients and their tenants. To schedule a test, inspection, repair or consultation, please call us today at 916-826-8202.

Helping Protect Our Public and Private Drinking Water Supply

LeDoux Backflow Testing Services of Sacramento, CA, brings you extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of backflow service, including testing, repair, and installation. We also offer backflow-related plumbing services. For emergencies, we are available 24 hours a day.

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About Us

Stephen LeDoux, Sr. has been operating LeDoux Backflow since 1999. He is a second-generation backflow testing, repair, and installation expert. LeDoux Backflow is committed to providing superior service and ensuring the highest-quality drinking water supply.

Ledoux Backflow Testing Services

24 Hour Service

Phone: 916-826-8202
Fax: 916-984-5275

State of CA CL #963293

American Water Works Association (AWWA) #07860

Sacramento County Tester #333