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backflow installation

Backflow Repair & Installation

LeDoux Backflow Testing Services is fully equipped to handle any backflow situation you may be facing. From basic repairs and upkeep to complete replacement or new installation… we’ve got you covered. Our extensive experience in all areas of backflow assembly work, unmatched attention to detail and customer service ensure a professionally run job site with minimal downtime. Be sure to contact us immediately for an expert evaluation and estimate.

freeze protection

Freeze Protection

Each year as temperatures dip to the freezing point, property owners face the unpleasant possibility of a failed backflow assembly, or even worse, a destroyed assembly.

LeDoux Backflow installs custom enclosures designed to ensure backflow freeze protection. We use only the highest-quality products, ensuring they are tamper-resistant and secure.

To schedule a test, inspection, repair, or consultation, please call us today at 916-826-8202.

theft protection

Theft Protection

Recently, there has been an increase in thefts of backflow assemblies. Thieves take the brass and copper parts and recycle them for cash… causing an interruption to the water supply of your home, business or tenants and a significant loss of money.

LeDoux Backflow can install protective security cages and concrete bollards around backflow assemblies of all sizes, protecting your investment against theft, vandalism, and even an occasional vehicle impact.

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